This weekend I revisted a childhood friend- sidewalk chalk.  My town of Bend, Oregon had a hot air balloon festival and space for artists to create chalk art as everyone strolled by.  I wanted to try using actual coffee grounds as the chalk, but wasn’t allowed to. Oh well, getting to use color was fun.

chalk starry night

It took about 2 days to complete Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  In the evening, crowds of people walked across everyone’s art!  I was surprised at how durable chalk art is, as well as being very enjoyable to create.  You should try it! Here are some tips I learned:

1. Use chalk pastels (not oil pastels).

2. Save black for adding last; it will muddy up the other colors.

3. Scribble a bunch of chalk and then use an eraser or paintbrush to work it into the cracks and dents of the surface.

4. Wipe your fingers and brushes off on a towel frequently.

5.Wear sunscreen! I got a nice purple burn by the end of the day…

chalk progress

chalk beginningchalk progressingchalk on bridge

One Response to “Experiments in Sidewalk Chalk”

  1. Kim Winklhofer Says:

    Rubber gloves help keep your fingers from being rubbed raw. To protect the work as you draw, bring a big piece of flat cardboard to sit on. And some artists bring dustbusters to suck up extra chalk dust. 🙂

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