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Scenes from Cafe Femenino

I had the privilege of creating a work for auction for the Cafe Femenino Foundation, being inspired by the Millrock Latte Art contest going on at the same time.   Coffee Fest graciously gave me space on the skybridge of the convention center where I was able to watch the contest, paint, and display other coffee paintings.

My hometown Tulsa friend Isaiah Sheese from Doubleshot Coffee was competing in the latte art contest; I thought he did great and it was fun to see him in his first competition.  Have any of you ever tried pouring latte art?



It’s VERY difficult!  When I was being trained, everyone thought I’d pick it up right away since I was an artist, but not so- it took me at least a month to pour a basic rosetta.  Kind of humbling, and I definitely salute the baristi who are so skilled in this art form.

Cafe Femenino “is a social program for women coffee producers in rural communities around the world. More than 1,500 women in Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru are active in the project to achieve empowerment, build social and support networks, and earn incomes through the production and sale of the Café Femenino Coffee.”

another competitor deciding his best latte

another competitor deciding his best latte

I got to hear beautiful stories of how entire families’ lives have been changed through their involvement as I looked through pictures with Gay Smith, the organization’s founder.  Later, my painting was sold to help out  at their fundraiser event in Portland.

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  1. Chelsea Says:

    cool beans (coffee beans, that is)! so cheesy, I couldn’t resist.

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