My booth, and in the 2nd floor of the building behind, my new studio!

My booth, and in the 2nd floor of the building behind, my new studio!

Bend, Oregon’s largest outdoor event took place recently.  Thousands of people were strolling around enjoying all the art, music, and food.  We had an exciting early conclusion though- the event staff came running telling us all “75mph wind and hail is headed our way! Pack up now!”.

I’m often asked how durable coffee art is- my first piece did survive being sat on in my car by several frantic friends as we fled a tornado in Oklahoma… but I wasn’t anxious to repeat that test.   All the artists freaked out and managed to close down in record time as the wind picked up and the first drops of rain hit.  But the storm was just teasing us- nothing more happened and the sun came out, though it was too late to reopen.  Oh well, it had been a great show up to that point, and now I’ve had another exciting artist’s life experience.

And for another bit of excitement, I’m happy to announce I’ll have a new studio, right in downtown Bend.  There is a thriving art scene here in Bend, with a popular First Friday art walk that this spot will be perfect for.  More details to come soon.

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  1. Greg Eland Says:

    can I come live in your studio? : )

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