Over the weekend, I experienced the kind of internet snowballing situation I’ve heard of but never expected. Someone’s twitter led to more and larger sites linking to coffee-art.com, and before I even knew it was happening, international press agencies were emailing me. Yesterday The Telegraph in London included Coffee Creations on the front page, and today I heard from a Greek paper… I’m just amazed and excited. A US TV show contacted me but I can’t say more til they let me know. I will update the site as things develop, but meanwhile, thanks to all of you who passed on my information! You made a big difference for me!

Here are some links if you’d like to see any of the interviews.


gizmodo screen shot


weirdworm screenshot

The Sun, London

sun screenshot

The Telegraph, London

telegraph screenshot


newslite screenshot


neatorama screenshot

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  1. Helen Sherman Says:

    Fantastic, Karen. Good luck with all of this.

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