Today was a happy and rare day- I actually completed three paintings.

Ophelia's Coffee Break

This one is called “Ophelia’s Coffee Break”.  The original is by Waterhouse, the same artist who I’ve paid homage to with my “Lady of Chocolat”.

Rx Espresso

And this one, “Rx Espresso”, was commissioned by the new shop of that name, near a hospital in Juneau, Alaska.  Perhaps I’m starting a medical series- a few years ago, I was commissioned to paint the famous nurse Florence Nightingale.

And the third painting has to remain a secret for now.  I’ll let you in on it when I’m allowed to.

All of these and the ones in the previous post will be available as prints by Christmas time.  If you are interested in the originals, please contact me.

One Response to “The Latest Paintings”

  1. webba Says:

    thats very cool, i like it!
    I´ll come here again and watch these beautiful paintings

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