Here’s a new painting in progress.  I’m taking suggestions; should the biker be receiving a coffee from a bystander?  Should there be a cafe table with people enjoying coffees while watching the race?  Or should I just finish it as in the reference photo? Vote quickly and check back to see which idea won!

7 Responses to “Tour de France”

  1. Erik R. Says:

    I say receiving coffee from a bystander and people at cafe tables. 🙂

  2. lisa regehr Says:

    definitely coffee from a bystander, who happens to be Lance Armstrong himself

  3. Michelle Johnson Says:

    :People at cafe tables drinking coffee.

  4. Dave J. Says:

    People at the cafe should be having coffee – not the biker. Although, the biker could have a coffee cup on his/her jersey as if it were a sponsor.

  5. Jennifer Miller Says:

    The cyclist should be drinking the coffee-he definitely needs his caffeine!! You could have someone handing off the coffee-just like the “feed stations” in the Tour.

  6. Mari Says:

    I vote for a hand off. Serious bikers are just as serious about a quality brew-I have friends who would quite possibly ride & sip simultaneously. The print is the perfect anniversary gift for just these two. Thank you for your unique take & delicious medium.

  7. karen Says:

    I’m getting close to a decision- you’ll see the results in a new blog entry next week. 😉

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