People often ask if I paint using mediums other than coffee.  Yes, though not as often.  I started out as a colored pencil and watercolor artist, then got into oils a bit.  About 3 years into my coffeepainting journey, an interior decorator hired me to paint oils for an Oklahoma restaurant called Rib Crib.  The subject matter was quite different from my usual classic masterpieces- this time it was cowboys and old west themes.  We quite a few of these restaurants together throughout the Southwest, and now it looks like we’re at it again.  This job has to be done in 2 weeks!  Here’s a bad phone-pic of yesterday’s work.

This store will be in McAlester, OK.  The founder of the town, J.J. McAlester, is one of the characters in True Grit, interestingly.  Now the town is where the state prison is, and they have a prison rodeo!  So one picture shows that, and we’ll have a train scene, and J.J.’s old storefront.  Yeehaw!

One Response to “… and now for something completely different!”

  1. TheGourmetCoffeeGuy Says:

    Have followed your coffee art
    for some time and find it
    amazing. Very interesting
    post and look forward to
    seeing it in person sometime
    in the future.
    Great post. Thank you for

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