I’ve been busy following the ballet theme and it’s Master artist Degas:

Ballet Rehearsal


Ballet Orchestra

These 16×20″ original coffee paintings are available for $500 each, or as prints of various sizes in my Etsy shop.  Let me know if you’re interested!

The Bend, Oregon TV show “MyWindow” did a lovely segment where you can see me working in my studio and so forth…

I have another online store open, where you can choose your favorite piece of coffee art and have it turned into an iPhone case, canvas print, totebag, t-shirt, and more! Click below to visit Society6.com.

I’m excited to offer a beautiful wall calendar featuring 12 months of coffee art.  Purchase a large or small calendar here.

I was honored to be chosen to do the poster art for Astoria Sunday Market this year.  People are familiar with my coffee art, especially Mona Latte, since a local restaurant bought a large framed print.  I figured I should do something with coffee, but an all-brown poster might not be colorful enough.  So it was back to my roots with watercolor for a combination coffee/color painting.  Here’s the almost done Market Mona; I’m looking forward to seeing the finished poster when the market folks put it all together.

I’ve had a lot of requests for Edvard Munch’s famous picture, “The Scream”.  Here’s my version, but in all my tampering with great art, I don’t ever mean to cheapen the originals, or the artist’s meanings.  Here is a very interesting article on this painting’s background, and I quote a portion below…

Read on…

Watch a time-lapse of me painting Mona Latte in less than a minute.

This link will take you to the video; somehow I’m not able to embed it here on this page.

There’s a western theme going around- I was commissioned to paint someone’s friend on a cattle drive in Oklahoma, and an Astorian’s beautiful horses.  And here they are:


I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  I was invited to the Middle East Coffee&Tea Convention, to share my art and paint some prizes for the barista championship. Here I am lugging my tradeshow booth stuff past the world’s tallest building.

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, impossible but real islands shaped like palm trees, indoor ski resorts, deserts, horse and camel races, excellent food and more giant malls than any place needs. Here are some highlights: Read on…

Here’s the newest painting, soon to be viewable in one of those cool, speedy start-to-finish painting videos.  I bet you could guess that the original artist is Picasso!

Here’s a peek at that original, and the coffee twist…