This lovely lady can’t wait for her man to finish proposing before snitching some Valentine’s chocolates. I couldn’t resist drinking the chocolate paint!

This summer the charming town of Astoria, Oregon celebrates 200 years of existence.  I’m doing several paintings relating to it’s history (with coffee twists, of course!) and will be visiting during several art fairs and events.  Here’s one for all the hardworking fishermen!

Sometimes I still do oil paintings, and I really enjoy the chance to use more than one color in a painting! Here’s a painting commissioned by my brother.

Another successful test for Curb Media- this time it’s all Guinness.  Looks remarkably like coffee, doesn’t it?

And here’s my family crest:

Yum, I got to paint with chocolate as a test for Curb Media.  Cadbury’s had a successful commercial involving this gorilla, so here he is made entirely from chocolate!  More chocolate paintings to come, for sure.

And here’s a little video of the work in progress:

I had drawn the gorilla using a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and then painted him in with sauce.  Definitely a project in which I sampled the paint throughout!

I’m doing some painting tests for a company in England called Curb. Here’s mud!

Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus” is itself reborn as “Birth of the Coffee Break”.  I’ve had this painting in mind since the early days of coffee creations, so I’m glad to finally finish it.  This original is 11×17″ and available, along with prints and greeting cards.

Here is the picture you all helped me create.  Thanks for the ideas of adding viewers and a coffee handoff!  The original is 11×14″ and available, as are prints and greeting cards.

Well coffee fans, here comes another painting!  Venus has just been born, emerging from the cold sea; what better time for a hot coffee?   Her friends assist by blowing to cool it down a bit, and bringing a blanket to snuggle in.  I will be completing this painting soon, along with the Tour de France one.   Check back to see the results.

The ghosts you see here soon will become a boy handing a coffee to the racer, and 2 men watching from their table.  Thanks for all your input and I’ll post the final version soon.