I’ve always wanted to experiment with tea as paint.  Hooray for color!  This was a 20 minute project and I’m definitely excited by the potential.  I’d love some feedback- do you know more colors of tea I should try?  Is there a blue tea?  How about a more black/gray tea?

In February I had a show up at Dudley’s Bookstore in downtown Bend, OR. Here’s the upstairs reading room area:

Dudley's Bookstore

Last week I went to Seattle to hang coffee art in Irwin’s Bakery and Cafe and The Green Room. Read on…

Anyone read Greek?  I’m flattered that this magazine in Greece did a feature on my coffee creations, though I can’t read it!

Here’s a new painting in progress.  I’m taking suggestions; should the biker be receiving a coffee from a bystander?  Should there be a cafe table with people enjoying coffees while watching the race?  Or should I just finish it as in the reference photo? Vote quickly and check back to see which idea won!

Ophelia's Coffee Break

“Ophelia’s Coffee Break” is now available.  She’s about 16×24″, inspired by Waterhouse’s “Ophelia”.  This original is selling for $650; contact me if you’re interested.  We also have prints and cards available in the store.

I guess it would be more correct to say a trivia question’s answer.  A friend told me she heard this on the NPR show “The Splendid Table” the other day.  If you want to listen, click here.  It’s in the trivia section in the middle of the show.

Yesterday I took more art to Green Plow Coffee Roasters, downtown Redmond, OR. Stop in if you missed the show at COCC.

Passing through Redmond, Oregon anytime in December? Stop in at new and charming Green Plow Coffee Roasters and enjoy some coffee and art.  On Saturday, Dec. 5th, I’ll be adding the new art from the COCC gallery.
green plow interior

green plow interior back

Today was a happy and rare day- I actually completed three paintings.

Ophelia's Coffee Break

This one is called “Ophelia’s Coffee Break”.  The original is by Waterhouse, the same artist who I’ve paid homage to with my “Lady of Chocolat”.

Rx Espresso

And this one, “Rx Espresso”, was commissioned by the new shop of that name, near a hospital in Juneau, Alaska.  Perhaps I’m starting a medical series- a few years ago, I was commissioned to paint the famous nurse Florence Nightingale.

And the third painting has to remain a secret for now.  I’ll let you in on it when I’m allowed to.

All of these and the ones in the previous post will be available as prints by Christmas time.  If you are interested in the originals, please contact me.

I’ve been hard at work in my new studio; here are some of the results. They aren’t quite ready for prints yet, but should be in time for Christmas. Contact me if you would like to purchase something.

This is “DaVinci’s Barista”, about 32×36″. His original includes text about the measurements of the human body, but since this was for the COCC gallery’s “Show of Words”, I changed the text to be coffee related. He holds the tools of the Barista’s trade, and is standing on bags of coffee.

DaVinci's Barista

DaVinci's Barista

Read on…